Friday, June 7, 2013

Ideas For Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding is perfect for the couple who love the natural beauty. The variety of colors that the mother nature gives can create the foundation for a rustic wedding. Colors such as gold, blue, lavender and red are the most popular colors used in country weddings. There are three rustic wedding ideas for you to create a perfect wedding.

Wedding Theme
The rustic wedding theme is usually associated with country living. Some themes such as butterflies, bees or lady bugs. Or usually use flowers such as sunflowers, lavender or daisies. Sometimes the country wedding themes go with autumn colors. Use the color in your wedding theme to create a sense of unity.
rustic wedding theme
Rustic Wedding Venues
Choose a venue to match your wedding theme. Some popular places include an inn, an old country church or a cabin. If you want to a more natural rustic wedding, try a rustic garden wedding. The timing of a rustic wedding needs to be take into consideration carefully especially if you want to have an outdoor wedding. A late spring wedding is a good choice because you can avoid annoying buds.
rustic wedding venues
Rustic Wedding Decoration
Since it is a rustic wedding, look for some decorations which mother nature offers. Add a touch of country by using all kinds of country items. Old cart filled with grain and straw also give a room that country felling. Place some shining lantern to the country barn that will enhance the colors of rustic decorations.
rustic wedding lantern

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